Welcome to Orion Networks

When you own a small or micro business your focus needs to be on serving your customer. Trying to figure how to tweet, what is a snap, or do you need a blog often does not even come near the top of your important thoughts. All you know is that there are not quite as many customers as your expected and you need more customers.

The last thing you want to do is leave customer acquisition to chance. You want to take every opportunity to get your business in front of customers that want to find your business.

One of the biggest challenges you might face is getting your business in front of those customers.


The way that businesses connect with their audience is something that is ever changing. Thirty years ago a telephone, an ad in the newspaper and a physical shop front was all you needed to capture your local customers. Over the past thirty years this has dramatically changed.

Today to capture your local market and keep their attention you need to make use of a lot more different options. A physical shop may not be essential, and a telephone can be optional. The role of advertising is still essential, and finding the right mix of mediums that works for your product is essential. Newspapers, magazines, social media, search engine ads, buses, billboards, the list goes on, all can play a part in your success.

Possibly the most confusing area of marketing these days is The Internet, Social Media and Search Engines. Which also poses one of your biggest and most effective ways to get to your target market. However for many business this area just appears to be a big black hole where money disappears and they don’t really know why or how.

Orion Networks can provide a range of services to help you go from nothing to having an established presence on The Internet, Social Media and Search Engines. While also working within a reasonable budget.

The Internet – Does your business have a website? Would you like to add a Blog? Maybe include an online store? Orion Networks can assist you with domain registration, website hosting, creating your website and getting the information you want to share with your customers in there as well.

Social Media – If you know your business needs to be there, but dont know the first place to start, Orion Networks can help. From monitoring your accounts to save you time checking them, right through to full management of social campaigns.

Orion Networks can work with you on your entire Online Media Campaign even if you are starting from scratch with no website. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs and let Orion Networks build a package that suits your individual business needs.